TROXLER offers a wide range of surface gauges, pavement uniformity devices and moisture probes to serve all your field testing needs. TROXLER also carries a wide range of top-quality laboratory testing equipment including asphalt drying units, gyratory compactors, infrared ignition ovens, and much more.

Density Gauges 3430 and 3440

Features shared by both the Model 3440 and 3430
Light weight - 13.2kg Direct readout of wet density, dry density, moisture, % moisture, % voids, %compaction Powered by rechargeable nicad batteries or backup alkaline batteries Prompts user through steps of operation

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Density Gauges 3430 PLUS and 3440 PLUS

These updated gauges offer some new features that are standard plus many optional new features. The owner can customize the gauge to meet their testing needs!

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3450 Surface Moisture-Density Gauge

The S82-2013 includes Multi-lingual and clear-tone messages enable the users to understand the critical information and status of the receiver such as signal interruption, radio interference, low battery, low memory and more, which definitely helps to improve work efficiency by being acknowledged without having to look at the LED display or controller screen.

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4640-B Thin Layer Density Gauge

Recognizing the need for an improved method of measuring the density of thin layer asphalt overlays, Troxler, the world leader in nuclear gauge technology, developed the first true thin layer density gauge, the Troxler Model 4640-B.

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5850 Gyratory Compactor

The Model 5850 is Troxler’s newest Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor and the most advanced, easiest to use gyratory compactor on the market today. Completely redesigned with improved electronics, a hydraulic motor, and software-adjustable angle of gyration, the durable 5850 will consistently stand up to the rigors of any asphalt lab.

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NTO Oven

The New Technology Oven (NTO) combines this sophisticated oven with an integrated weighing system to continuously measure the bituminous weight loss during combustion and to automatically display the percent of asphalt in the mix. The remaining aggregate can be sieved for gradation analysis.

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