NTO Oven

Product Features


Troxler now offers advanced infrared (IR) technology to measure asphalt content by the NCAT ignition method. The H.M.A. sample is ignited using IR elements. This produces a very clean and efficient burning of the asphalt while limiting the aggregate degradation. The New Technology Oven (NTO) combines this sophisticated oven with an integrated weighing system to continuously measure the bituminous weight loss during combustion and to automatically display the percent of asphalt in the mix. The remaining aggregate can be sieved for gradation analysis.



Maximum Sample Rate 2500 g per sample pan (5000 g total)
Integrated Scale Resolution 0.1 g
Burn Time for 1200 g:

120 VAC Unit
240 VAC Unit

Less than 30 minutes
Less than 25 minutes

Internal Memory Capacity  
Sample Data 300 Samples
Project IDs 20
Aggregate Correction Factor 20
Mass Temperature Correction Factor 1


Outside Dimensions 66 W x 68.6 D x 55.1 H cm 
(26 W x 27.0 D x 21.7 H in)
Chamber Dimensions 28 W x 43.2 D x 20.3 H cm 
(11 W x 17.0 D x 8.0 H in)
Sample Pan Dimensions (each) 20.3 W x 36.8 D x 4.1 H cm 
(8 W x 14.5 D x 1.6 H in)
Complete Pan Dimensions

23.8 W x 39.4 D x 11 H cm
(9.4 W x 15.5 D x 4.3 H in)


Power Sources 120 V 240 V
  50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Peak Power Consumption 1440 W 3600 W
Current 12 amps 12/13 amps
RS-232C Configuration DTE DTE
Serial Data Format 8 data bits
2 stop bits
No parity
8 data bits
2 stop bits
No parity
Baud Rate Range 600 to 9600 Baud 600 to 9600 Baud
Liquid Crystal Display 4 line x 20 char 40 line x 20 char
Keypad 25-key sealed membrane 25-key sealed membrane