Ruide offers a complete product line of total station, electronic theodolites, digital level, etc. Most recognized for providing quality and liable instruments, Ruide is committed to provide dependable and economic solutions and services to surveying industry, as is captured by its slogan: Rapidity Utility Integrity Durability Essentiality Rapidity of response, Utility of function, Integrity of technology and user-friendly operation, Durability of product life, Essentiality of entrepreneurship, are the commitments of Ruide.

Total Station

Likely the most easy-to-use total station in industry. Now everyone can survey.
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Disteo 23. 2" angle accuracy. 300m distance range (with prism). 3mm+2ppm distance accuracy. Stake out program. Alphanumeric keyboard.

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RTK GPS System

Powered by Pacific Crest BD970 OEM board. Stable, fast, and accurate. RTK accuracy.

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Auto Level

Includes a magnification of 32X and an objective aperture of 38mm.

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Digital Level

Digital Level RL-03. Height Accuracy: 0.3mm. Distance Accuracy: 10mm (D<10m). Distance Range: 110m. 3" color and touch screen. USB drive, RS-232, ...

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Data Controller

Work with the First choice in Data Collection Software - Carlson SurvCE.

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