Who is RUIDE ?

Most recognized for providing quality and liable instruments, Ruide is committed to provide dependable and economic solutions and services to surveying industry, as is captured by its slogan: Rapidity Utility Integrity Durability Essentialitymore


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  • RUIDE concerns for customer- satisfaction, and focuses on customers' demands.

  • RUIDE is not just manufacturing and selling surveying products. To be exact´╝îit provides SOLUTIONS.

  • With the support of the excellent R&D talents, RUIDE provides the mature technology and perfect services for solving customers' problems.

  • RUIDE applies its mind to making a better way for the domestic and overseas customers, and for the entire GIS industry.

  • RUIDE is dedicated to researching and inventing in the fields of mechanical design, optic-electrics technology, radio technology, computer and communications.

  • RUIDE was elected as one of the Top 3 "Most Memorable Brand of Total Stations" in the MundoGEO Connect 2012