Digital Level DL201

high precision FOIF EL302A digital level measuring instrument

  • LCD display with illumination
  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Automatic height and delta height calculation
  • Optical reading is available
  • Internal memory (3000 points) or SD card for data storage, 
    supports USB and RS-232C ports for data transfer
    DL-202 DL-201 DL-2007
height Measurement Accuracy (standard devication for 1km Double Run Leveling) Digital reading 1.5mm 1.0mm 0.7mm
Optical Reading 2.0mm
Distance measurement Accuracy digital rading D<10m:10mm; D>10m:D*0.001
Distance Range digital rading 1.5m-100m 1.5m-105.0m
Minimum Display height 1mm/0.5mm 1mm/0.1mm
distance 0.1cm/1cm
telescope magnification 32X
Resolving Power 3''
Field of View 1degree 20 sec
Multification Constant 100
Addictive Constant 0
compensator Type magetic-damped
Range > +/- 12'
Accuracy 0.50'' / 1''   0.30''/1''
Data Storage Storage 16MB
Point increment increasing/decreasing/user-defined
Connection Mini-USB Mini-USB / SD card
Circular Vial Accuracy   8' / 2mm
  5 minutes / off
Horizontal Dial Graduation 1 degree
Display   LCD display of 128*32dpi with illuminator LCD display of 160*64dpi with illuminatator
Water & Dust Proof   IP66
Operation Temperature   -20degree ~ 50 degree
Dimension   230mm*150mm*210mm
Weight   2.5kg